Thursday, March 3, 2016


Growing up watching HGTV has allowed for most of my knowledge upon interior design, my main passion. It also helped me learn about real estate and architecture. Not only these programs are design ed to inform you about these different aspects they are entertaining and you can decipher what styles you like. House Hunters a program based in the United States also includes an international version showcasing different architectural design all over the world.

Color Splash a program that no longer further going was a favorite of mine. The designer of the program was David Bromstad who still currently designs for HGTV. He has a great sense of style that was showcased in the show. One of this projects inspired what I had created my room similar to which I will provide a picture below.
He used bright colors and made a vibrant energy in the room with his designs. I was sad to hear the program was cancelled but HGTV still has many great programs airing.

Just some after thoughts:
- If you watch HGTV I love to hear from my readers what some of your favorite programs are or were.
- Who is your favorite designer(s)?
- Have you ever been inspired to create something based on something you saw on HGTV?

Here's some links to check out:
- David Bromstad's Twitter
- Color Splash Episodes
House Hunters Episodes

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