Thursday, March 3, 2016

Amazing Design for Even the Craziest Places

Have you ever want to live in the Amazon or Antartica? Well these types of architecture might play a role in you creating your dream home wherever imaginable. We have come a long way in society and throughout time our architecture has changed and developed throughout the world. When you travel to different parts of the world or even areas such as the south and north of America you can see the different types of styling based on the geographical features.
Colonial Home

All over the world we can view different types of architecture and styling. We can view both modern, ancient, and the progression of the infrastructures.  One of my favorites are the rustic buildings in Italy. They are very beautiful and took part in how our designs have advanced. And even we have been able to combine rustic and modern at the same time. 

This bring us to what we have been able to design with new technologies and the knowledge of what we have created so far. Using computers we now have the ability to create infrastructures of amazing beautiful design and always due to geographical features and weather conditions. This opens doors in able for our population to spread out into places once not desirable for living conditions or for ones who once had a dream of living in a place of extreme climate. 

This also allows for scientific projects to have easier living space and possible could create more project now making those extreme places habitable for at least for time being. Not only are these designs sleek and beautiful in my opinion, they are sustainable infrastructure and will allow for more freedom.

Now I have a few questions of my readers:

- If you could live anywhere on the earth where would it be?

-Which style of architecture is your favorite?

-What do you think about these designs?

Heres some links to check out:

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